CKP's Birthday - Behind the Scene

Planning a birthday party has never been so difficult. I can even sit down for days just to daze. Though I knew there wasn't a thing called "Perfection" but there's prolly something close to it.

And the first thing that conceptualized  half a year ago was a little book which consisted of a compilation of all our memories over the past 1 year. From stealing of photos through your iphone, to forcing all our peers to transfer all our group shots to me. I bet no one else has been reading up your Facebook as often as I do, and bit by bit, your collection of photos were being plucked off the web and finally landed in the book. And it has never occur to you why I would insist on using my phone to snap photos during our gathering?
(Naa, you promised that if one day I'm gonna lose my memory, you will use this book to jolt my memory back ya..)
 This gift was not only memorable to us, but also to the printing company which printed this book, apart from having to wait up almost an hour before they can close shop (cos I lost my way there).... When the lady handed the book to me, she told me she has printed so many books but never as touched until she saw this. At that moment, I was lost for words too.

Going shopping seems like an everyday thing we would do together. But you prolly won't know that I would bring you along to shop for your own gift. You prolly know I'm very bad with remembering things and perhaps thought I would just forget about the things you've picked. But I didn't. Being very gan cheong about it, a couple of days later, right after yuping landed in Singapore, I went straight back to the shop with her and gotten her to fly it in for you specially.
(from the day you told me your colleague vomitted onto your bag, I already fixed my mind on getting a new one for you)

Now you know how much Yuping has done for you ah..

From sourcing out for gifts, right to the booking of hotel, it seems like you will always be the last to know it all. Cos all along, you would have thought you are gonna "camp" by the beach in the new 2-men tent I bought from Giant? Guess you must have sianed 1/2 when I happily told u that we are going camping for your birthday.

Woosh, the moment I stepped into the room with such a big bed, I really won't want to stop rolling up and down on it. With a dream-bathroom so big and bright, I think I can bath 2 hours daily in it.

(One of those lovely mirror shots)

(In the big bathtub)

(Role Play again: Perfect customer service!)
And you thought I was gonna kept it so simple? Think again.. While we were having so much fun snapping away and doing our role play, your 2nd half of the surprise slowly arrives...

Had so much trouble trying to force you to get out of the room so that the "2nd" half of the surprise can be setup. Thank god you still dote on me, otherwise I bet you will just nua in bed and watch TV ignoring me, instead of going out to cycle with me.

Planning this little staycation was pretty easy with the help of our gang. Gotten the help of reception desk to hide 1 key card prior to our arrival, told them to give it to Yuping to let her into the room. I really have Yuping to thank for everything she has done. From picking up a bouquet of your favourite white roses and lugging all the gifts to the hotel. I even had to bother her by going down to her place to deliver all the gifts the night before our party. Then our F&B manager, Yuwen and her hubby went to pack dinner and a cake for you too before heading into the hotel.

Down to the detail of where to place the gifts and where our peeps would hide, I even downloaded a floor plan for them!!

Our room was an exact mirror of this layout
 Even until now, I still find it so funny that this actually came to my mind to get them to hide in the bathroom.

They arrived with their share of surprises for you!

As we arrive back to the hotel, the gang hid in the bathroom waiting for the moment to arrive. But I guess you gave all of us a bigger surprise when you made your first comment as you entered the room.

"Eh, how come I smell pizza??"

Haahaaha honestly I cannot stop giggling to myself. Let alone the rest of them hiding in the bathroom and heard exactly what you said.

Look at what our dear Yuping has prepared for you...

All wrapped with love..
 I've not fail to deliver my 3 surprises of the day :) Now you know why I was so insistent not to pick them up from vivo city? Cos all of them took the trouble to deliver their little surprise to you instead.

Needless to say further, you should have seen how much the gang loves you :)
Blessed Birthday, ckp!

All in a day's work

Just when I most needed a Bumming Buddie to hang around during my off day.. Here's the hero who came to my rescue.. rescued me from boredom, and that's none other than my cute little princess ckp~

Don't you just love her for the kind of creativity that she has? Something like covering your face when you shoot! And the best part is that she can even exclaim "LOOK, I snapped it perfectly with my eyes covered!"

My day started really randomly when I woke up feeling alittle bored. Decided to bake cookies but my mum said no. So I decided to just bum off my day since its MONDAY~ but little did I know, my funny lover somewhere out there decided to just watsapp me while I was busy in the toilet clearing my leftovers from the night before. And so, our little adventure started...

And for all we know.. that was how we lost our FIRST TIME to each other AGAIN...

CW's First Time @ Safra Mt Faber
Being a very kuku fella, I seldom steps out of her comfort zone (East Area) and venture alone into places that is so far out.. and today, I finally set my foot onto Mt Faber. It was never easy for someone who can't tell that "Mt Faber is not beside Mt Sophia" and "Bukit Timah is different from Bukit Merah" to find her own way to Telok Blangah. So I had to be guided with clues and landmarks. And finally I got my ass to Safra Mt Faber. All thanks to CKP, I had so much to sweat it out in the gym then followed by a nice cool dip in the pool..
HOT rite.... haaahaaa
It was then followed by a Jacuzzi and a little smokey moment @ the steam room.. Steam until cannot see lor! lol. But I must say it was fun. And for the longest time I had not been to Ya Kun.. So I can't be any happier when CKP suggested Ya Kun..I've always missed the "Set A"(can't remember if its A but anyway, its the set with eggs, toast and coffee) over there.. and what truly touched me was that CKP actually remembered that I will always change my drink to Ice Milo. I'm always so thrilled and impressed when my close friends can remember all my little life's habits. I just love simple moments like this, sit, chill, la kopi with someone whom I can confide in.

CKP's First Time @ Facial Treatment
Then the happening duo went down to Orchard for a little "investment" on the face. We had this Oxygen pumping stuff that was so fun, and a huge dose of Vitamin C on our pretty faces followed by some cool mask to end of the whole treatment, Boy this is good stuff man!
So that's where we are @ Beyond Beauty Parkmall. It was nicely done up, pity that this place isnt the closest to my house, otherwise I would definitely frequent this place more!

And the both of us had to bum around for quite awhile because we missed our appointment slot. But still, all that waiting was worth it cos tml when ckp is back to work, you guys will see the difference!!

CKP's First Time @ Standing Sushi Bar
So I finally brought her to my favourite sushi bar @ 8QSAM to have a "One Night Stand". Met my old friend, Frank and of course, Chef Roy. Yes, I love it when everything is ad hoc, no need to read menu, cos I can't understand a word of japanese. I've always preferred to leave it in good hands of Chef Roy.. so here's a peek to our menu of the night.

A little soupy dish to start the day. Abit of chicken, red carrot, raddish and celery

My all time favourite.. Chef's recommended 7 Combi Sashimi. Look at the brown little pieces in the middle, that's my favourite White Tune. Always never fail to perk me up!
And the grilled beef that will never go wrong. My beef with inoki mushroom roll :) yummy!

And my sweetie little rice wine, otherwise known as a girl's "SK III". Nice and smoothe and easy to go along with everything.

Drooling already? Not yet ya.. Chef Roy throwed in Miso soup and Yuzi Ice Cream as usual.. wah, nothing beats ending my day with ice cream! Chef Roy sure knows how to end my meal the right way.

So here's how a simple monday turned out to be such great enjoyment. Monday meant to be a day enjoyed especially with someone who truly loves you. 101% satisfied :)

How I lost my First...

Ever since June came to a close.. I'm so glad I stepped out of it and made my life better.
And guess what, these folks made the fun doubled! These people made the time spent together worthwhile

And that was how I lost my "First" to them....
Our First "Family" Photo (missing Jes.. cos she went to Pee)

Our First Prawning Trip @ Bottle Tree

Our First time we celebrated our batchmate's birthday!
Happy Ageing, YY and Jeslyn

Our First Movie Outing (Despicable Me!)
I think thats the time when dar started fallin for me lor.. haahaa

Our First BBQ Nite @ Nat's Condo

My First Handmade Birthday for the month!
And of cos, it's for my Sweetie Pie, Karen for her 24th Birthday.. Can never ever forget how my blur sweetie can even forget how old she is!!! haaahaa

Our First Kiss (of the day... for me lah, not sure about her lor! haaaha)
And how can I ever forget to mention my new found luv~ my dar dar, Karen. She's really one great girl whom you can't help but to want to give her alittle more love. Alittle blur at times, but a truly generous and kind person in her heart. Trust me, this girl is one deep person whom you can really learn alot from, don't be deceived by her sweet looks lor. During our free time, we love "Guys watching" and our fav topic is.. "How to Tame bad boys"
Don't worry lah, we are all straight. She is happily attached to her boyfriend, while I'm busy handling all my flings.

Our First Drinking Party
Yes, ultimately, we just want to find the First "Merlion" of the gang who vomitted Bak Kut Teh...

My First attempt at making various kind of chocolate
...only to find out that the original truffle is still the best. This is dar's birthday gift from her hunny

My First mass baking session
all in the name of charity

Our First Training back together after the fantastic 2 weeks we spent together

The First Lame Invitation Emailer I blasted everyone with

Our First Gaming session @ Pitstop Cafe

My First time catching a prawn with bare hand
Yes, no rod used. just 1 slightly short but powerful hand

Our First time giving random names
Arissa aka Yuwen

My First time in my whole fat life wearing a Sponge Bob Square Pants Tee
My god, I can't imaging I'm actually doing such a lame thing!! But its really cool, I like this Tee actually

 My First Male Lead @ work
We had so much fun acting out that silly role play, it almost look real
According to dar dar, she said that no matter what is going to happen behind the scene, she wants to remain FIRST. So Robin is still gonna be the FIRST runner up. haaaha

My First attempt to bake for dar dar
which didn't turn out quite what I expected.. but dar is one who appreciates all the stuff you do for her..

Honestly, I think I've not wasted my 2 months back here. I have been blessed with a bunch of great peeps to keep me going all day long. Whatever is to come maybe unknown, but the known fact is.. We are all in this Together. All these photos were made possible when folks like me didn't know how to draw a clear line between work and personal life. We brought work into our personal lives... Well, I'm happy to leave it unknown, cos its really made life a happier one for everyone.

Ahh, and I'm sure you guys didn't know that one can really have so much fun @ work with the people you deal with all the time.

Happy 2 months Anniversary peeps!! We are officially 2 months old!!

Summer Love @ The Philippines

I sometimes wonder why people insist on buying travel insurance..
Well, then I concluded its just that your heart can really get lost in these beautiful cities? Or maybe is it just stolen by the nice folks down there. But again.. how to file a claim for that? Haaa~

For the longest time in my life I have been yearning to go to the Philippines. From all the books or magazines I ever read, from the Balut right down to the white sandy beaches, this place had already captured all my wildest imagination long before I even set my foot on this beautiful land.

Finally the journey to my dream destination begins.. so excited to see with my own eyes what a colorful jeepney might look like.
4am was the exact moment I landed.. gosh was I tired out.. Our first destination was of cos a super early breakfast followed by a visit to the Mactan Shrine where we were greeted by a beautiful swampy land in Sunrise!

I had so much problem sleeping on the plane.. but I think its all worth while, we started the morning with a very slow tour into the filipino history.. which I vaguely recall with my half awaken mind.. begins with this great warrior Luput Luput
The whole place was so tranquil so much so that even simple folks by the street look so generous with their smile. The peacefulness you see in them really lingers around my mind for the day.
Even simple seafood looks extra delicious :)

Thereafter, we took a break at Shangri La Resort.. Gosh was the view breathe-taking.. what private beach etc.. it was a total luxury just to even take a seat there and chill in the morning

It was really grand.. you know, even if I don't pay for these luxury stuff in life, its good once in awhile, go in and chill, relax, sit back and enjoy.. now that's life!

The next stop was at the Famous Guitar Factory on the island, oh my, you can really hear the difference, it was quality sound all right! Presenting Alegre Guitars
Guitars freshly made by the craftsmen in the workshop

Here's the Ukulele I bought for Kat Looi! OMG, the sound quality is superb, its not a toy lor... Its music to the ears...
Here's a huge icon of Cebu where it captures the essence of the Cebu history.. One can never tell from its name, this place is actually so rich in its history.
Our next pit stop is just across the street, the Yap-San Diego Ancestral Home, one of the most well-preserved heritage that depicts the evolution from the olden days when Chinese set sail to The Philippines and their settlement onto this foreign land.
Everything has to be so carefully preserved so much so that even the flooring has to be treated with love.. hence, we have got to put on such a foot cover while walking around the place

Next up, here's a glimspe of the oldest church in Philippines, Basilica Minore del Sto Nino.

The interior was so grand and magnificient

And I always imagined such scene only in a Taoist Temple, never knew Catholics lite a candle to make wishes too!

And how can your day tour be complete without a visit to the famous fort, Fort San Pedro.. The smallest, oldest triangular bastion fort in the country was built in 1738 to repel Muslim raiders. In turn, it served as a stronghold for Filipino revolutionaries near the end of the 19'th Century. This served as the nucleus of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. Well, within the walls of the fort now holds a very lovely ground for pinic, cafe chillout, or maybe just a day of photoshooting..

And did I tell you what they used to build this fort?? Egg White!! My god, yes EGG WHITE!

Last stop of the day is a visit to one of the grandest Taoist Temple sitting right up the hill top
This old man not only fish for you, he teaches you how to fish?

Practically spent the whole of the 2nd day shopping, buying, eating, snacking, shopping, buying, eating, snacking.. here's a shot right outside SM Mall, the biggest in Cebu I think..

When nite-falls, that's when the Balut challenge sets in.. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not for those with faint hearted.. presenting the Ultimate BALUT! woohoo! haaa, u saw the chicken there? Still got feathers somemore.. haaaha, but overall, its superb! It tasted like chicken (Duh!! Its a chick alright) with a hint of eggy smell.

The very next morning, it was time to head to the shores of Bohol where you will feel summer love revolving all around you. Its not going to be a shopping heaven, but its gonna be a good spot for chilling by the beach for bums like me!

The local Taxi..and it looks like its gonna topple anytime man.. scary~

Another old church that we went to.. the Baclayon Church. Some of the oldest in the region too. And the scary thing if you see carefully.. right beside the bell tower, you can actually see the face of a bearded man on the wall

 Then its to the interior of the church, gosh, its another grand piece of art.

Nope, not Cabury Mountains nor Rocher Cliff, its Chocolate Hills of Bohol.. And why the name? Its because during the season, these little hills turn brownish on its own thus resembling little hershey kisses.

Okok, time out for lunch by the river, relax as we cruise down the river to nowhere just listening to music and chill in the midst of greeneries and calmness of the river

 Little Tarzan swinging himself into the waters

Now to visit some cute fellows which resembles ET.. Tarsiers @ Tarsier Sanctuary. Guess what, they actually eat worms! Ewwww... 

So far, this has been one of the nicer Jeepney I have come across during my trip, and the best part.. It looks like trasnformer! 

The very next morning, it was another super early day when we woke up at 5am just to catch a glimspe of dolphins as we go chasing the playful friends 

 Here's the click once more doing a "Zi Pai"

 Just look at how clear the water is.. 

 Here's the whole fleet of tourist right infront of us scaring the poor dolphins 

Finally its time for my own action to get into the waters @ Balicasag Island. Okie, time for me to get wet, but before that, maybe just a couple of starfish to start my day right!

 Into the deep blue sea

 Sea Urchins @ Virgin Island

 Salty but fresh.. the taste is really good I must say~

 GP Teh with her Urchin on hand, she is trying it with their famous coconut vinegar!

And after a long long day at the sea, best is always to chill by the cafe with a bottle of Ice Cold Beer.. And San Miguel Light makes the best choice!

And for Sundown, time to head for the beach to get a good nice dose of Seafood @ a bargain! BBQ seafood at prices you can't imagine! Here's the girls waiting for their food at Opps! Restuarant and Pub

 A CW all time favourite, Icy cool Ice Tea~

 Woohoo~ here comes the seafood platter.. deliciously layered with vegs, BBQ squid, Ocean fresh fishes, fat juicy prawns and sweetie crab!

 Oh, how can I forget about my accomodation? A newly built up resort, Panglao Regents Park Resort

The nice cafe which I love chilling out and surfing web and sending nonsense emails and mindless facebooking over a cuppa~

Simply love the beautiful beach, white sand, clear water, no need for extra bikini babes, but preferably another beach hunk will make my day! ahaah 

 Here's beautiful me again!

 The clear blue..

Our last pose before we bade farewell to the island :( 

What a trip I must say, yes, it was absolutely burning hot, but with all the fun I had, its all worth while. Till my next trip comes along...